Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recipe! --- Lung Soup

This simple recipe came from my first teacher of Chinese herbology at City College of San Francisco, Briahn Kelly-Brennan. It is good for cleaning and nourishing the Lung, good for dry lung conditions (dry cough, post-cold recovery). Briahn recommended eating it once per month to mitigate the effects of urban air pollution.

10 cups water
1 lb. pork or chicken (i.e. two chicken legs)
4 honey dates*
2 Tblsps apricot seeds*

Simmer 2 hours.
Serve as clear broth, or add a cup of rice in the last hour to make rice porridge.

*Honey dates and apricot seeds are mild Chinese medicinals for tonifying and cleaning the Lung.
You can find these in a Chinese market or get them from a Chinese herb supplier.
Contact me if you need help finding one of these near you, or ask for some at my clinic.

If you have a lot of mucous and phlegm in your lungs, airways, or sinuses, don't use this recipe. The herbs will exacerbate the phlegm by adding moisture. Ask me for alternative recipes.