"I've used acupuncture for well over a decade from a variety of different practitioners. It generally helps with pain and general health issues, especially if the issues are interconnected. I've received acupuncture and TCM herbs from Stephanie since October 2011 and experienced more dramatic, noticeable improvements than I ever experienced in a single treatment before that. More than once when tendonitis in my ankle rendered me unable to walk without a cane, she was able to relieve the pain and restore my normal walk in one session. The depth and quality of her attention as a health practitioner -- and the breadth of knowledge that she accesses -- is exceptional. I recommend her highly." - C.W.

"While Stephanie continues to help me with chronic health problems, she also recently helped my daughter with an acute foot tendon injury. My daughter was happy to be able to be up and dancing again not long after. I appreciate Stephanie taking into account different possible approaches in diagnosis and treatment, her continuous research, and her use of nutrition, herbs and body work, along with acupuncture. Stephanie has an interest in understanding the root of a problem, not only the symptom. I happily recommend her to others seeking healthcare support." - M.V.

"I recently was treated by Stephanie. I went to her this time because I was waking up with headaches for 2 weeks. Headaches are a real challenge to treat because the cause could be anything. After treatment my morning headaches (sinuses?) were gone. I have seen 4 different acupuncturists in Berkeley and of them Stephanie has a light touch with putting in needles and is a very caring and intuitive person. She didn't presume what was causing my headaches as I have had other healers do. She is patient-focused." - C.E.

"Stephanie effectively treated me for mid-back pain from poor working positions and lifting. She also me for acute stiff neck spasm, as well as 10-year-old chronic neck and shoulder pain. She significantly reduced my plantar fasciitis pain using acupuncture and herbal treatment. Along with treating pain and injury, she concerns herself with the holistic well-being of my body. She cares deeply about her patients. This comes across in the degree to which she studies and researches each topic. Everytime I come out of treatment with Stephanie, my body feels open and relaxed. I'm happy to return to Stephanie for holistic treatment of pain and injury."
- J.T.